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i listen propped on my elbow and suddenly

you are dreaming

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hi, my name is tawnee. i don't really add anyone on here, but a few things you should know:

i am an artist living in milwaukee. this is my flickr, and this is my etsy. i do not use AIM, yahoo, or MSN messengers, and please do not ever send money or presents to someone who uses my photos; i will never ask anyone for money or presents- never!!
a thousand colors, afternoon naps, albinos, amaterasu, anatomy, apple soda, aquanauts, batman, beautiful girls, being naked, being upside down, blue (robin's egg), breathing underwater, charcoal, cheese & tomato sandwhiches, chocolate milk, clouds, comics, comix, crispy hotdogs, crunching dead leaves, e e cummings, fairy tales without morals, flowers, folklore and mythology, freckles, ginger ice-cream, girls with boy hair, girls with short hair, good tattoos, grey/gray hair, hellboy, holding hands, jumping on the carousel, kissing, kittens, klingons, laughing babies, little houses, making out, men with beards, mermaids, moles on shoulderblades, most types of cheese, narwhals, níðhöggr and ratatoskr, polydactal paws, q, redheads, salvador dalí, skogkatts, star trek, stingrays, the bat-man, the king of carrotflowers, the moon and stars, the smell of laundry, tiny dwarf cats, tiptoeing through the tulips, touching before sleep, watching thom yorke dance, white eyelashes, วิเชียรมาศ